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Teaching – Projects - Exhibitions - PUBLICATIONS (selection)

1995/2003              Creativity Coaching, Art Greenhouse Sussex and Oxford
1998/2001              Lecturer for Contemporary Art, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
2000/2003              Baltic Sea Project, drawings, objects, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden
2001                        No Refuge, Performance, Art Greenhouse Sussex 
2003                        Stage design, Washington, USA
2003                        Solo Actions and Readings, Art Greenhouse Sussex
2004                        Baltic Sea Project, installation proposal, Poland
2005                        Gathering of the Living, Installation, Ovada, Oxford
2007                        Schneewehe 1947, Snowdrift 1947, installation, Frauen Museum, Bonn
2007/2008            Contemplative Art Practice, Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan
2008/2009            Arctic Circle Crossing, photographic series, Nagoya–Helsinki
2008/2009            Atem>>>Raum, installation, artist in residence Univ.Witten/Herdecke
2010/2011              Hi no michi - Weg durch das Feuer, publication, Verlag Freies Geistesleben

2012/2014              Being Present Now, Perception Studies and Photographic Series, Munich

2012/2020              The White Rose, an inquiry into Resistance, Creativity and Freedom, Munich
2016/2019               Middle Ground Mentoring, Oxford
2017                      Peace Strategies, consultant for Initiatives of Change, Oxford / London

2018                    Salt of the Earth, Installation, Caux, Switzerland

2020                    Lighting Matches during Blackout, a visual narrative, Oxford


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